Rice Face Lightening Mask



Rice Face Lightening Mask

  • White clay: White clay is recommended for dry and fragile skin. Rich in silica in particular, it is remineralizing and promotes the elimination of toxins
  • Argan Oil : Rich in vitamin E, moisturizing, regenerative, antioxidant and nourishing. It is particularly recommended for dry and devitalized skin.
  • Honey: Is a real ingredient of beauty, with remarkable virtues. It has nourishing, healing, softening, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It becomes a must-have product for skin care
  • Rice: A rice facial mask can gently exfoliate your skin, add moisture and brighten your skin tone.
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Rice Face Lightening Mask

This purifying rice face mask contains real Argan oil, White Clay, Honey and Rice. This gentle and effective treatment purifies, cleanses and gives a boost to the skin. Smooths and refines skin, purify and regenerate your face.


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