Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo



Our Argan Oil  richly Replenishing Shampoo is enriched with Community Trade Argan oil from Morocco, handcrafted by women who have used this oil to intensely nourish dry hair for generations. This gentle cleansing formula won’t leave your hair feeling stripped of moisture and it’s perfect for dry hair that is prone to damage. Treat your hair to this nutty goodness to enjoy locks that look healthier and feel richly replenished.



Use: Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo infused with Argan oil, apply a little foaming gel on a wet washcloth or in the palm of your hand. Lather on the skin, then rinse.


Nourishing, Moisturizing, Frequent use for all hair types and:

  • For dry, prone to damage hair
  • Leaves hair feeling intensely nourished and richly replenished*
  • Hair looks healthier and less frizzy*
  • Reduces hair breakage**
  • Nutty scent and rich texture
  • 100% bio ingredients
  • Formulated without silicones and sulfate
  • Enriched with Community Trade Argan oil from Morocco


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