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Environment, sustainable development and social responsibility are at the core of our organizational culture.  The Argan oil found in our products is produced according to the European rules for organic agriculture and in compliance with fair-trade rules as well. The progressive reforestation of the Argan forest favors the preservation of the local communities’ traditional lifestyle. Buying at MARGANOM product contributes directly to ensuring the rural economic durability and the survival of villages of the Argan forest’s micro societies.  Because Argan oil is a luxurious product, the packaging is subject to meticulous care. In this way, our flasks and packaging combine elegance and reliability.  Finally, our products are packaged, labeled and commercialized in Morocco and Europe. Being from different backgrounds and inspired by our origins as well as by the people we have met, we wished that products from MARGANOM represent, down to their creation process, these roots and undetangable influences.  An artisanal process emerging from an unstitched geography that takes us from the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and north of America. The Argan oil originates from a natural resource that is as rare as it is precious.  The Argan tree only grows in Morocco’s south-western region which is protected by UNESCO,  according to agricultural rules and strict cooperatives. Harvesting of the Argan kernels is provided by the syndicate of cooperatives of female Argan workers. The kernels are harvested and sorted out by hand.  In this way, the kernels are not only obtained in exemplary condition of compliance with environmental standards but also undergoes strict quality control.

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