Charcoal and Moroccan clay your skin in detox mode!

Ultra natural Charcoal and Moroccan clay! your skin in detox mode! these materials provide a veritable purifying and cleansing benefits.

This is “activated” charcoal, wood heated to a very high temperature to increase its carbon content. Once activated, it becomes positively charged and attracts negative impurities. There are several qualities, depending on the wood used. But all cosmetic products containing charcoal have the same utility.

Clay is one of the oldest cosmetics in our history! This mineral substance forms a paste on contact with water or a liquid and can be used pure. Current products often contain mixtures of clays, the most common are kaolin, volcanic Rhassoul from Morocco such as white, red, green and yellow clay. Mud from the Dead Sea is also used for its high magnesium content. These clays are extracted from the earth, then dried and powdered, without chemical treatment.

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