Discover why we love Argan and coconut oils for our hair care!

We often hear about these two oils for our hair and today we have decided to offer you a duel between argan oil and coconut oil therefore you can define which one is the best for your needs.

Because they are popular for their benefits we suggest today which one to choose according to your needs to have beautiful hair in this summer. The difference between them ? While one will be more suitable for those prone to dandruff and irritated scalp, both will provide optimal hydration to your hair.

  • Under the (oil of) Coconut palms:
    Coconut oil has many uses. Essential for the hair and can also be used for body care, the face or even in the small dishes you cook in the kitchen. Regarding the hair, this oil rich in vitamins E and K allows to nourish, smooth and repair your hair.
  • Argan oil or gold from Morocco:
    Argan oil is a restorative oil extracted from the argan tree which grows in Morocco. Highly rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, deeply nourishes your hair. In addition, the Argan oil provide shine and extra moisturizing. Argan also called the gold of Morocco.Considered as the flagship products used in the world of beauty. It helps to limit dandruff and soothes definitaly the scalp.

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