This delicate area is the big forgotten part of our anti-aging routines

This delicate area is the big forgotten part of our anti-aging routines

This delicate area is the big forgotten part of our anti-aging routines, Just like the face care, it becomes older. Fine lines and wrinkles appear and mark the passage of time. You need to take action at home to prevent these signs from appearing prematurely. Serum, cream, mask,… Everything is done to take care of your face care and slow down its aging.

However, one area remains the big forgotten of these routines: the mouth! Like the epidermis of the face, the lips are subject to the effects of the past time. “Lips get their shape in part from collagen, and as we get older, we produce less “Over time, we have to deal with a loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles that form around the mouth, a loss of definition. Because they appear thinner, the lips develop smile lines that can reveal our age without even saying it.

Smoking, the environment we live in can speed up the process and cause these signs to appear prematurely. In addition, muscle movements and contractions naturally create folds in the skin. No need to go through the aesthetic medicine, it is possible to act at home against smile lines. For this, it is necessary to target three main factors: dry and chapped skin, stress lines and loss of volume.

First of all, it is essential to protect our lips from damage. Applying sun protection intended for the area is essential. In addition, certain balms that boost the volume of the lips can fill in fine lines or minimize their appearance.If during the day we fight against damage, in the evening we repair it with gentle and regenerating care.

It is advisable to bet on anti-aging care intended for the lips, generally enriched with plumping active ingredients. They offer hydration and anti-aging action thanks to ingredients intended to boost the production of collagen. A gentle exfoliation eliminates dry skin and promotes cell renewal. At home, nothing better than a sugar and honey scrub. After exfoliating the lips, all that remains is to moisturize them with a balm.

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