All natural

Synthetics and artificial ingredients? No way! Marganom never uses anything artificial in our products. We only use high-quality essential oils derived directly from plants- no artificial fragrances here. This allows for superior scent profiles since artificial fragrances lack the complexity of natural essential oils. Essential oils also have many beneficial impacts on health and skin (Lavender, for instance, is anti-inflammatory, can help reduce anxiety, and induce a more restful sleep). For those who prefer scent-free, many of our products are available in unscented varieties as well. We also never use artificial preservatives, which have been shown to cause irritation, allergy, and can even increase risk of other conditions. And you’ll never find artificial colours or dyes in our skincare either. We source raw materials which are unrefined and certified organic wherever possible. What does this mean for you? Superior scents and unrefined natural ingredients with more active components to benefit your skin!