Sure Spa quality ingredients will help you to regenerate a new skin cells, improve circulation, purge the skin of acne-causing bacteria and obviously liberate dry or rough skin.

You may ask how to use it ? A small scoup is all you need to gently use this organic mask in small circular upward motions. Rinse well, pat dry and enjoy soft smooth skin everyday.

Infused with shea butter, extracts of rice and Argan oil, Organic with Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Moroccan Anti-aging Moisturizer.


With Marganom’s face and body rice mask love & relax your skin again! This exhilarating scrub will keep your skin purified, cleaned and glowed. The incredible delicious scent of rice while the intense raw shea butter and Argan oil provides an invigorating cleansing experience by increasing tone, texture and appearance of the skin.


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