All about natural and organic cosmetics

Over the years, sustainable production methods have been developed to guarantee 100% sustainable and ethical products, from wild picking of plants to recycling packaging.


If the treatments are respectful of the environment in their manufacturing process, the organic and natural commitment is found even in their composition. Cosmetics therefore generally contain more than 80% of certified organic plant extracts and their formulas are made from natural fragrances and preservatives. Treatments designed in harmony with the environment, with the greatest respect for people and the living. And since Marganom products have nothing to hide, their composition is proudly displayed on every package and in the brand’s glossary. Wild pansy extract, argan and prickly pear oil, or even witch hazel distilled water: the composition of balms, shower gels or even deodorants is clearly detailed.

A desire for total transparency which makes it possible to note the constant desire of the brand to offer natural and organic products. Because if the two concepts are very different, Marganom attaches very particular importance to its commitments, by putting “pure natural” in the foreground, banning synthetic products and other chemical elements.

Always aiming to reduce its environmental impact. Marganom also offers a solution to recover waste, transforming it into new resources.

From research to production: it is by drawing inspiration from nature that Marganom promises cosmetic care that is as benevolent and regenerating for our skin as for our environment.

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