Does castor oil make hair grow? Here is the answer

Castor oil has been known for several years for its benefits on eyelashes. What about its effect on the hair? Here is the answer.

Castor oil is, among others, acclaimed for its supposed action on eyelash growth. It would allow to find a densified fringe, reinforced hairs and it would fill the sparse spaces. Still others claim that it promotes hair growth. “The ricinoleic acid in castor oil helps retain moisture while supporting a healthy scalp, elements that are essential for hair growth,” says Cosmopolitan US. One hairstylist told the media: “This is a lower cost treatment if you are looking for shine and softness” but there is no scientific study to prove that castor oil accelerates hair growth.

However, rich in essential fatty acids, castor oil still has the advantage of nourishing and preventing breakage by strengthening the hair fiber. The oily film it deposits makes the hair thicker and shinier. In addition, the hair grows in an environment that is all the healthier because castor oil can soothe some irritated scalps. “Castor oil is not only anti-inflammatory, also helps maintain skin hydration.

Beneficial castor oil for eyelashes

Myth or reality ? Scientists are divided. Indeed, the research on castor oil is promising. The components from castor oil have been found to play a role: “The ricinoleic acid it contains stimulates the receptor for a special molecule called prostaglandin E2

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