Here is the exact amount of shampoo to use to wash our hair… It also avoids making them greasy

When it comes to taking care of our hair, experts agree that we should limit the frequency of shampooing. It is also advisable to bet on respectful formulas of the scalp and the hair fiber. To preserve the beauty and health of your Hair, it is still necessary to apply the right amount of shampoo.

We often use a good dose of the product, even if it means overloading our hair, in order to create a generous and creamy lather. The assurance, at first glance, of cleaning them well and making them clean … This only exacerbates oily hair: “When washing hair it is very important not to use too much shampoo because it can get heavy,” Jack Merrick Thirlway, hairdresser, told Glamor UK. The expert gives a precise measurement: “In general, a quantity of product equal to the size of a 10 pence coin is sufficient”. Which, approximately equivalent in diameter, corresponds to a fifty euro cent coin. To avoid oily hair, the expert also recommends rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, avoiding excessively hot temperatures and finishing with a cold spray … to boost shine.

Shampoo in good standing

“Proper hair washing involves applying the cleansing agent directly to the scalp,” hair expert Bridgette Hill tells Vogue. According to her, the shampoo should not be poured into the palm of your hand, but directly on the scalp. This allows the product to focus on the roots and skin of the scalp, areas that need cleansing agents, unlike lengths and ends. To do this, the expert recommends investing in an applicator tip, so as to apply the shampoo in sections. This process also avoids waste, since the dose of product deposited is more precise.

So that the effectiveness of the shampoo is increased tenfold, the hair must be wet for at least 30 seconds before starting to cleanse. The idea is to rid the hair of any accumulation of product or pollution particles in order to allow the treatment to penetrate the fiber more deeply. Indeed, faced with slightly wet hair, the shampoo will have trouble getting diluted. This can leave residue and damage the hair.

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