Facial care expert: This massage softens wrinkles at home

Facial care expert: This massage softens wrinkles at home

Anti-aging is a large world where there are different techniques. Facial massage shows its magical interest in fighting against wrinkles. To be effective, it is important to know what actions to take and which areas to target. Invaluable advice on how to sculpt the face at home and fight against the signs of aging like a pro.

The expert recommends always to start with sculpting massage, not only for the face, but the neck and scalp as well. This will help to relax muscles and relieve tension. You can do this by catching the hair at its roots by pulling it back very cautiously. Proceeding on hydrated skin in order to facilitate gestures but also to make penetrate the active ingredients.

Recommended, focusing on a treatment containing hyaluronic acid, to be spread on the face including the neck. The massage should consist of tapping around the eyes, kneading the cheeks and pinching the forehead and brow bone. Be attention to the stimulation of certain muscles located on the eyebrows and cheeks.

The work of these areas creates a micro-swelling which generates an automatic lifting effect. To have an effective massage it should be keeped between five to seven minutes to stimulate blood circulation and smooth out lines.

Boost care with steam:
To overtake the benefits of a spa-worthy anti-aging protocol. Spent on the face for five minutes, the veil of steam optimizes the effectiveness of the treatments. The steam helps to instill the assets. Enough to penetrate the products inside the pores and epidermis. The heat stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the tissues. Result? The treatment of the skin is intensive while remaining mild. It is possible to use a simple technique at home by bringing water to a boil, poured into a container. Then just hold the face above the steaming water by keeping the head covered.

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