Looking for a trick to retard the emergence of wrinkles by cleaning the face?

In Asia, facial care is a real ceremony codified and punctuated by ancestral rituals. Among other things to this simple and precise gesture that they owe their luminous skin, with refined texture and tightened pores. Performed in the evening, the double cleansing is based on two stages. The first is to wash the face with an oil-based product, the fatty substance of which loosens and traps heavy elements such as foundation, sebum, sun filters. After rinsing, the second step involves a foaming cleanser that removes and dissolves the last residues, while unclogging the pores.

Beyond cleaning, this process has a considerable advantage in combating not only acne but also premature aging of the epidermis.

A ritual to fight against the signs of aging:
Double cleansing is the assurance of skin free of all the accumulations of the day. Indeed, it removes a greater number of impurities, dead skin and pollution clogging the pores. “Not only do these cause oxidative damage to the skin, but they also contribute to the breakdown of collagen and the development of wrinkles and sun spots.

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